Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day!!

I guess it's our turn for the wild weather in the Northeast.   I can't complain as I got to stay home and sew and bake and hang out with the assistant all day.
I have my material all ready for the next quilt a long with the Old Red Barn group. I'm going with Denise Schmidt's Hope Valley fabric and kona charcoal solid.  This is my first quilt with all designer fabric so I'm a little nervous about cutting into it.  I'm anxious to see how this quilt turns out since I made my vow to sew slowly and carefully at ALL TIMES!

I have been working on making some orange and brown squares and hope to make a small lap quilt or baby quilt soon.  This is a no pressure, pass the time project and I try and make a square a night unless otherwise occupied. 

My friend brought her new quilt over for some help with the binding so I got to spend some time looking like I was all wise and experienced.  Ha!! 

I love a good snow day!

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  1. THat should be a lovely quilt-a-long project! I am waiting for my fabric to come in the mail. I love your Katie Jump Rope Star blocks.


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