Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Hexagon Quilt ... Finally!

I've emerged from my summer torpor and am so ready to begin my favorite time of year.  Suddenly fabric is appealing again!  Apples, pumpkins, cool weather, long evenings to sew ...   Even the Assistant has perked up and is demanding her after dinner walks again.

42" x 57"

To start off my quilting season I pulled out the hexagon quilt-a-long I started  years ago.  This was one I started before I really had the skill level to finish (points!) and it got me very frustrated.  I was hopefully starting this project here .... and giving up here.  A while ago I had a few days alone where I could actually lay it out on the floor and take my time sewing the strips together.  I carefully pinned, pinned, and pinned the strips and was pleasantly pleased with the outcome.  Gotta admit .... pinning IS necessary to get those points .... bummer.
love this shot of the back :)
 I hand quilted with perle cotton #12 because I wanted a finer quilting to go with the classic hexagon look.  I did the bulk of the quilting while watching two straight seasons of Boardwalk Empire (thank goodness for an HBO promotion) in a two week stretch. A good violent series is perfect for handwork because you can look away and get really involved in your stitching when it gets overly gruesome. 

What's next you ask??  I sewed together all the blocks I got from my Twitter Bee peeps and am ready to start quilting.  I've finally broke out my Accuquilt Go Baby and made 194 half square triangle blocks ..  use to be determined.  I'm trying to figure out how to make a "non-lame" Buffalo Bills (stop snickering people) quilt  for a Christmas gift.  And to top it off I'm entering the Old Red Barn color palette quilt challenge.  Does that sound like a lot? Well, I'm still on my fall high so we'll see how far I get with these.
 My "almost Amish" project is beginning with a big clean up of my sewing and fabric area.  Soooo .... naturally I'm on the computer now instead of sorting. Hmmmm .... full-blown Amish really don't have this problem, do they?? 
Some gratuitous quilt shots taken at our local cemetery
Ahhhh.... see why I love fall ... so beautiful!

My film crew .... Middle son Jason and Jada  ... the Assistant couldn't quite make it up the winding staircase

Weekend Reading

My library checkouts from yesterday.  The Quilters Guide to Amish Quilts and Almost Amish:  One Woman's Quest for a Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life.

Chapter One of Almost Amish:  Homes .... Homes are simple, uncluttered, and clean; the outside reflects the inside.   

That so does NOT describe my house right now.

And thus begins the first weekend of my "becoming almost Amish" project .....

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