Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Assistant is on the job

I'm all set to pin baste a sweet little patchwork but can't decide on my quilting lines.  Diagonals lines to make diamond shapes?  Straight lines to make squares on the squares?  I don't know just yet and can't pin until I commit to a design.   

Jada and I were discussing this and she said she was going to "sleep on it."   Alas .... no pinning for a while. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kallie Lou

Hand quilted, freshly washed and out on a photo shoot.  May I introduce Kallie Lou,  my kaleidoscope quilt.
50" x 70"

I am probably the last finisher of Betsy's quilt a long but a finish is a finish.  And a finish is pretty exciting over here at the Bailey Girl household.   I was a little nervous starting a project that involved templates, points and lots and lots of cutting but doing this step-by-step with a fun group really kept me going.
I'm still in love with hand quilting. If you want some of my tips click here
I loved picking out the fabrics.  Anna Marie Horner, Tufted Tweets and Denyse Schimdt in all their quilty glory.    Was that a little dramatic?  Nah .... I didn't think so either.  I  backed it with a duvet cover that I bought at a garage sale.  It was so nice to not piece a back.  

I'm entering Kallie in the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted Amy.   Pop over there and enjoy the beautiful quilts and read their inspiring stories. Make sure you have a drink and some snacks nearby ... you'll probably be there for a while!

I'd like to thank the stage crew.  
They make a photo shoot in wildlife refuge a little less ridiculous 
and a lot more fun.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's make dresdens!

This beautiful dresden is by the leader, Deb Robertson.
Sometimes it takes a quilt a long to push me out of my comfort zone and to try something new.  The Old Red Barn Company on Flickr is going to make dresdens soon.  No fancy rulers or templates required! 

I have decided to try and go for a baby quilt but if that is too daunting maybe just two pillows (errr.... one pillow?).  Anyone else in?  Hop over and check it out!
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