Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's make dresdens!

This beautiful dresden is by the leader, Deb Robertson.
Sometimes it takes a quilt a long to push me out of my comfort zone and to try something new.  The Old Red Barn Company on Flickr is going to make dresdens soon.  No fancy rulers or templates required! 

I have decided to try and go for a baby quilt but if that is too daunting maybe just two pillows (errr.... one pillow?).  Anyone else in?  Hop over and check it out!


  1. Heheheh...you are too funny!:) If it's daunting and you only end up doing a few of them you can still use them for the baby quilt...just mix those blocks with a few others and voila...a quilt any self respecting kid would love to snuggle with!:)

  2. lol... i keep seeing fun things i want to join, but... i still have 13 quilts to finish for chirstmas!!! not this one but after christmas i am going to join every fun thing i see!

  3. Yes I am joining in too,waiting patiently to see what Deb is going to tell us!

  4. Have you seen my to do list? Can't possibly add anything. Love your new header, by the way!

  5. Oh, I'm loving your dresden so far...what fun fabrics!

  6. Sounds like fun but I'm not 'allowed' to start anything new until I cross at least two items off my winter list!! Thanks for the link though!

  7. Its looking great so far!

  8. Hello Jada
    I like the look of your blog so far, I think I will have a read now, good luck with the dresdens!
    Clare x


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