Friday, October 24, 2014

Sweet Little Nine Patch

I started this quilt almost a year ago. Although extremely simple it is one of my absolute favorites. 

My original plan was to make my Mother a set of placemats for Christmas but once I started making these tiny nine patches I couldn't stop.  They finished at 3.5 inches and were a cinch to make with strip piecing.  I did myself a favor though and cut my strips in half and that made a huge difference in ripples.  I mean ... NO ripples!  I learn a little with each quilt I finish and my lesson with this one is to use shorter strips and alternate the sewing direction with strip piecing.  Such a big difference!

After I while I'd hit my limit with the cuteness and just sewed all my patches into an Irish chain pattern.  The result was a quilt that is 40" x 46" , just perfect for a couch and a lap. 

My label on the back :)

For the first time I  hand quilted with quilting thread instead of Perle cotton and I love the finer, daintier look.  Chunky is fun and cool for some quilts but I felt this one was a little more refined. 

My progress pictures on my instagram account so you can check them out there ... along with all my gratuitous doggie pics.  

I'm linking up to the Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side in the hand quilted category.  Take a hop over there and join the fun. 
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