Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That time I thought I'd start a movement

 My very first post on this red and white quilt was January 29th.  I put the final stitch in the binding and washed it on April 2nd.  I watched the entire two seasons of Shameless, all of Game of Thrones and many, many cheesy Lifetime Movie Network movies while hand quilting. That's a lot of couch time and TV watching/listening .....

52" x 79"
As I've been stitching away in the evenings I've been contemplating how much I enjoy the whole process.  (I know, I know ... I've said it before).  When I'm working on a gift for someone it gives me time to reflect on the person and why I'm making something for them.   When I'm done I feel like it's all mine because I've stitched every stitch.   I can start working on blocks for a new top while I'm hand quilting another but I don't get much more ahead than that.  I really need to complete a project totally and clean up my mess before I can give myself over to another one.  That does get frustrating when I have so many beautiful quilts pinned that I'd love to make and so many people I'd love to make them for **sigh**. That said, I still have no urge to machine sew my bindings.

 I've been interested in the slow food movement and it got me thinking that I'd like to start a slow quilting movement.   You know, a movement that would make someone that takes over two months to make a simple quilt feel good about themselves.  I even composed a whole blog post about it and had dreams of it taking over the interweb like Rossi's process pledge.  I'd be famous in blogland!

Luckily I googled "slow quilting movement" before I hit the post button.  Seems that lots of people feel the same way and have already started their own little movements.  Here and here are just two of the posts I've read on the subject.

My next project in the work.  Granny squares with the ORB gang!
I guess I'm not a groundbreaker in anything quilting-wise so maybe I can start a movement for people who have no innovation or original ideas.  Our motto:  We're the plodders and the followers ... not the inventors and the starters.   The nice part of my movement is there really is no pressure, we just do what we want.  Anyone want to join me?

The obligatory "quilt in the wind" shot
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