Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilt Sandwich Day

What??  Move again!!

Today was quilt sandwiching day at the Bailey Girl household.  Normally it's a little challenging with the assistant testing everything out and having to be moved constantly, but today it went much smoother.  In fact, it was almost delightful! 

 A while ago Cheryl at Naptime Quilter did a post about a little quilting tool called a kwik klip.  It shuts the safety pins when you're basting and totally saves your fingertips, and more importantly, your nails.  I saw it at Joann's Friday and since I had tons of coupons I ended up getting it for three dollars!   I usually have sore fingers for a couple days after all that pinning and unpinning but no more.  Thanks Cheryl!

Now on to the part I'm terrified of ... the machine quilting.  I've been so careful with this quilt and even re-ironed the top and bottom before I stretched and smoothed and basted.  I just hope it goes ok with no puckering or machine jamming or crazy giant missed stitches and  then too tight stitches.  Before I start I'm totally taking apart the machine and cleaning out fuzz and then putting in a nice new needle.  I hope I appease the Quilting Gods with all that careful preparation. 

Wish me luck people.  I'm scared!! 

One last shot of it all pretty before I totally screw it up


  1. Might have to get one of those tools for basting, sounds like a great idea. I can relate to your feelings of trepidation on machine quilting your beautiful pin wheels. I hope it all goes smoothly!

  2. eeeh those colors are so perfect with the solid. can't wait to see how WONDERFULLY it turns out :]

  3. You'll be absolutely fine!! I have every confidence in you... so now go, go ...GO!!!!

  4. I'm sure it's looking awesome Molly! Your quilt looks great!

  5. Good luck! I love the colors! The quilting gods should be pleased!


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