Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exciting Mail Day

Look what I won!!  Greta at Because I Sew So had an awesome giveaway and I won a fat quarter of flea market fancy!  My first and only flea market fancy so far!!  I've heard tell of this wonderful fabric for quite a while and now I feel like I'm really a part of the quilting community because I now own some.  My mind is just reeling with ideas.  Greta also included two fat quarters of some beautiful pink fabrics that just make me feel like spring and summer is a coming!  Thanks Greta, I feel so special!

I broke down and ordered a kona cotton color card and that came today too.  Luckily I had it to make a nice backdrop for my winnings because I was having trouble finding a clean area in the house to take a picture.  Finally I just set up the color card to hide some clutter. 

This is my pile of pinned squares all ready to be turned into half square triangles for the pinwheel quilt.  You know, the one I'm sewing sloooowly and carefully.  I can't wait to get sewing these squares.  Maybe tonight.  **sigh**  Probably tomorrow by the time I get the sewing table cleared off.


  1. I don't own a stitch of FMF either :-) I think its somewhat over-rated as its not really my style, although the green colorway I wouldn't mind having some of :-) Don't you just love the Kona color card? Makes matching solids to prints a breeze... cheers!

  2. lucky duck!! way to go on the winnings. i need more sewing time too [maybe we can *make* some time - that would be crafty!]

  3. Congratulations! Lucky you! I did not go for FMF either but after a while it really grows on you.. and I must say... I have started to collect... sigh.... Madness!!

  4. I LOVE that fabric. I wish I had wallpaper that looked like that...


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