Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ode to January

I love a snowy January.   There ... I said it.  I know most people are droning on about how they hate the snow and can't wait until summer's loooong days, but not me.  I miss my peaceful, long evenings of sewing, baking, puttering and rearranging.  When the boys were younger we'd fit puzzles and board games in there too.  I love to read the January magazines full of new hope and clean, organized houses.

January such a nice relaxing, no pressure month after the craziness of the holidays.   You can stay in your house all weekend and not be embarrassed at work on Monday morning when people ask what you did over the past two days.

So far this weekend I made chili and bread, starting cutting up some fabric and making crazy nine patch blocks, experimented with handquilting on the pinwheel quilt I threw together last weekend, cleaned out my junk drawers and watched the first season of St. Elsewhere on netflix.  My house feels super warm and cozy with the windows covered with a lacy frost.  How could anyone even be dreaming of hot, sticky days and blazing sunlight until 10 p.m.??   I save that for the muddy days of March.


  1. Ditto:) Your hand quilting looks great so far. I am working on some embroidered blocks too that I should have been working on months ago. You know how that is! It was fun to work on it last night while watching old Alfred Hitchcock movies through Netflix and my son sleeping peacefully next to me:)

    Happy January

  2. Preach it, sister!!

    LOVE the hand-quilting!!

  3. I completely agree! I was snowed in all week and had no qualms whatsoever=)

  4. mmmm Netflix :-)
    Well done on the hand-quilting! I have yet to try it... just seems so... labor intensive? Looks amazing though!

  5. Look at you with the handquilting! Kudos, my friend.

  6. I would say you accomplished alot....


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