Friday, January 7, 2011

Back in the groove

That binding looks good enough to eat
I’ve got my sewing room back until Easter dinner (when it’s turned back into a dining room) so I’m slowly easing back into the sewing groove. I had bought a layer cake and a jelly roll last summer for a project and ended up using very little of each so I’ve been staring at those for months. Guilty feelings over the money spent makes me hesitate to buy new fabric.  Then after the holidays I saw an awesome way to make pinwheels on one of my reader blogs (apologies but I can’t find you again) … it is TRULY amazing … and I just threw those squares together and made a pinwheel quilt top this week. It’s going to be an easy, yet adorable, baby quilt and the best part is I didn’t buy one scrap of fabric or batting.  Guilty feelings abated .....

I have some interesting new projects ahead in January. The ORB flickr group I began quilting with is starting their ninth round very soon and we are making a ticker tape quilt.  I haven't done a quilt a long in a while and I miss the comradeship of sewing with a group.  I'm also going to teach my friend Mary how to quilt and we are starting this very weekend. I'm using her as my test student and seeing how I do with teaching quilting to someone with no sewing experience. I've already gotten two women I work with into quilting so pretty soon I'll be able to start my own guild of quilters. Wouldn’t that be fun! 

Well, hopefully the video that amazed me is here ... and if you are the person that originally posted it … THANK YOU!


  1. That binding does look yummy8) Don't you just love awesome videos!!

  2. I love how neatly your pieces are ironed. mine never look that good!

  3. Great tutorial! Will post this link to my CMQG FB page.

  4. What a great technique! Why can't I think up cool tricks like that!!

  5. Love your binding! and thanks for the tutorial, that's amazing!


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