Sunday, July 11, 2010

Processing process

I'm getting ready to start my next quilt and I'm super excited about it!  Months ago I found some novelty Michael Miller fabric that was just PERFECT for someone in my family.  I'd love to post a picture of it but, even though I'm pretty sure no one in my family reads this blog, I don't want to take the chance of blowing it.  My challenge was getting this fabric first and then trying to come up with a design that involved biggish blocks to show off the large prints.  Hmmmm .... I want it a little jazzier than a plain patchwork but I can't cut the fabric too small.  I finally came up with the idea of these snowball squares with some colorful borders. I find it is much easier to come up with a quilt idea and then find the perfect fabric for it than the other way around.  

As rudimentary as this drawing is it really, really helped to figure out my square sized and layout.  Designing my own quilts has been my goal since I started quilting.  Although this isn't terribly original I had to take the material pattern and colors into account.  Of course, now that I'm designing my quilts everyone in blogland is now designing their own original FABRIC!  Baby steps .... baby steps ....

I'm plugging away at the sampler quilt and this week's blocks were fun.  I love how I'm working on honing the basic skills.  This week it was all about half square triangles and strips.  Can't wait to see what we're doing next week! 

Gotta go! I'm taking the assistant down to Petco to have her portrait done.  Yes .... I'm one of THOSE people ....


  1. I love that you are getting your pooches portrait done! I hardly ever graph/sketch out my projects - i'm too lazy! When I make myself do it though, it is super helpful with the process. One of my goals this year is to sketch more.

  2. Your design looks great! And everyone is designing their own fabrics now?? Oh, I must be really out of the loop. (I'd like to think that it's just that the fabric designers are finally learning how to blog!)

  3. I am not ready for designing yet. lol I need to think about drawing out what I want to accomplish. I too have spent all day working on half square triangles, I just don't know what to do with them. lol

  4. I love how your blocks are turning out.

  5. You go Girl!
    I'm working on a new one, and a not-as-new one, and they're coming along nicely. But i never post pix 'til they're *done*...
    Can't wait to see yours!

  6. This is going to be a great quilt! The snowball block is one of my favorites no matter how many times that I see it. Your colors are really going to make the quilt too!

    Jennifer :)

  7. I wanna see those photoshoot shots! :) My dog would never sit for a portrait shoot in a studio. And I like your snowball idea.


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