Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is looking good so far ....

I was tickled today to see I won a giveaway from Aneela on her blog Comfortstitching and I won three adorable embroidery patterns.  THREE!   I love starting a day right off by winning a giveaway.  Sorta sets the tone for the rest of it, "Come on day.  Top that!!" sort of thing.  Embroidery is my absolute favorite activity to do while snuggled on the couch in the evening and these patterns are so fun.  

The Spring to Finish Challenge 2010 hosted by Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio ended yesterday.  I had five items that I wanted to get done and I'm pretty pleased with myself that I got 3.5 of them completed.  This is good for me seeing that we were entering my least favorite time of the year (GASP!!).  I know.  I'm a weirdo. I'll admit that I'm more of a fall/winter girl.  Spring/summer usually finds me out of sorts and hot and doing too much all day while wearing uncomfortable sandals.   Here's my biggest gripe .... there is still the exact amount of inside work to do ... dishes, laundry, dusting, dog hair sweeping, etc .... that there is all year.  Added to that we  now we have all the outside work to do  .... watering, dead-heading, weeding, porch tidying, lawn maintenance, etc.    Plus there is an unwritten, unspoken rule that if it's nice outside you must be outside enjoying the outsideness.   I'm so relieved when the days start to get shorter and cooler we can all go inside earlier and sit on the couch for a while.  I'm just aching to start work on my new embroidery patterns.  
Crazy, summer-bashing rant is over now.  Here is my Spring to Finish results:

1.  My Gardening.  Done!!  Here is some beautiful proof.

ok... these pictures make me a little happy it's summer :)

2.  My Sewing Station ... aka Dining Room Table Clean-up.  Done!!  Reported on at the mid-way point.  Feels good to have it more organized and I can easily move from cutting mat to sewing machine to ironing board. 

3.  The Wonky Star Quilt.  Half-done!!   Got all the squares finished and bought my first variegated thread that I'll use for quilting. 

4.  The Purse.  Not touched.  No comment.

5.  The Hexagon Quilt a long.  Stayed on track and just waiting for the final instructions!!


Coldstone Creamery Coffee Lover's Only
I'm pretty pleased with the 3.5 figuring I only can work on sewing a little here and there with all the nice weather and outside chores.   I think I deserved this reward and maybe even another one next weekend.  

Well, gotta go.  My mother is redeeming one of her Mother's Day gifts tonight and I have to do more outside work.  When will I sew?!?!

Believe me.  She redeems every one of these too! 


  1. I kinda hear ya about the summer outsider thing. It is nice when it is all done and pretty, but... I'd rather be sewing! lol. Lovely garden shots. I have some of the purple flowers. Your wonkey star looks intriguing!!! I get no reward but good for you!

  2. Wow you are so generous to your mum giving her all that gardening time. I LOVE those wonky stars too. And your reward wasn't very generous - you should definitely give yourself a few more of those!

  3. Good Job on your Spring to Finish Challenge 2010!!!

  4. When I read your Summer Rant I was nodding and nodding and nodding. I couldn't agree more. Especially the part about the being hot and having to wear uncomfortable sandals. I blame it on the fact that I'm a Fall baby....As the weather gets warmer, I begin to count down the days til Fall.

    Great results for your Spring To Finish challenge - and that reward looks deeeeelicious!

  5. Um, can I redeem one of those gift certificates too?


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