Friday, June 11, 2010

Here's what happens when I go online to buy a bathing suit .....

 Weekends in Gray and Pink  PLUS a free fat quarter from Sew Mama Sew!   Lots of kona cotton solids from Fabricshack. 

I know I should be shopping for a bathing suit since I'm going on my first vacation in years in July.  But as soon as I start looking them over and imagining how I'd look and thinking about finally measuring my body  so I can find my size I find myself slipping over to fabric sites.  Ahhhhh... so much more pleasant!  

Still no bathing suit. 


  1. Meh - I'd say fabric is way better than a bathing suit! :-) Have you tried Target or Old Navy? They have loads of bathing suits!

  2. Yes I can understand the pull of the fabric shop over a bathing suit! Love that lilac colour in the fabrics which goes perfectly with the grey print.

  3. Hmmm totally understandable. Shopping for a bathing suit is no fun!! Hopefully you find something though... Otherwise you may find yourself wrapping fabric around and around and calling it a day. ; )

  4. Oh Molly...
    We come in all different sizes!
    Don't be discouraged.

    I wish i had something cute & clever to say here, but i'm all out.
    But i know how you feel. I *hate* shopping for clothes... and shoes (my feet are *still* growing!)... and swimsuits are the WORST!!!

    But the ocean and the sky and the waves and the sand and the seashells and allllll that
    make it worth it.


  5. fabric and its siren much easier to buy fabric online than a bathing suit!


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