Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ugly Quilt Contest

Oh my word!!  When I saw this quilt contest over at Piece and Quilt  I cracked up.   I made the most ridiculous quilt this winter when my blog was brand new and I tried so hard to sound upbeat and make it look pretty for the camera.  Now I'll post the pictures that didn't make the original post.  This is the quilt I really wish I could take back and redo or undo or just forget.  Here's the story......

It all started one snowy day when I saw this AMAZINGLY beautiful quilt on cluck cluck sew.  Wow!  That's a great quilt, isn't it!?!  Seems pretty easy when you read the tutorial, doesn't it?!?!  Well, if you start without a plan and then change the non-existing plan in the middle here is what you end up with ......

Hmmmm .....  Shouldn't have attempted sashing with that skill level

Not too much going on with the back
The worst part is I started it for my supercool 13 year old niece and told everyone I was making it for her and then I even embroidered her name on it.  I really in my heart wanted to make her a  funky fun radical quilt that a thirteen year old would love.  When it was becoming apparent that this was NOT going to be supercool and funky I just didn't know how to stop.  Stop making a quilt in the middle!!  Do people do that?! 

I feel really bad that I even gave it to her and have many times tried to think of ways to sneak in and replace it with a better one.  The funny thing is that I put the most work into this quilt and the most love.  I actually feel better about it now that I wrote about it made fun of it and I'm warming up to it.  I kinda feel sorry for it looking at the poor quilting and bedraggled scruffy edges of the fabric circles.

Awwwww  ..... poor ugly quilt.  I think I love you now.


  1. I think we all have quilts we're not too proud of but I'm impressed with your perserverance to finish something you didn't like too much. Thanks for sharing your funny story!

  2. Brilliant post. Very funny. But the quilt is pretty cute.

  3. awwww, you're making me giggle!!! poor little quiltie, I'm so glad you're liking it better now. What a fun story to tell your niece (if you haven't already). I bet it would make her love it more too!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, I bet your niece loves this quilt!! Good for you for finishing, I never finished mine!

    I posted mine on Natalia's blog...


  5. Let me tell you that your super cool 13 year old niece LOVES that quilt. She carries it up and down the stairs to cuddle with it on the couch. She loving spreads it over her new bedspread set when she makes her bed, so it is the crowning jewel of her neat bed. She almost banned her sweet puppy from sleeping with her at night when she saw the hairy mess left on the quilt. You may think it is ugly, but your niece sure doesn't.

  6. Awwwww ..... poor ugly quilt. I think I love you now!! HAHAHA This had me cracking up! I voted for you though!!!

  7. Are those supposed to be circles??? what ever happened to them??? Yes you should have won hands goodness, I do hope your skill level has improved lol...what a gem you are and brave too for your honesty in this ahummmm quilt? lol. blessings madame samm

  8. You might see all the little imperfections, Molly, but I think it looks cozy and charming and very lovable!

    I hope you win, regardless, but you don't really deserve to, IMO!




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