Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Blatherings

Ya know how it is when you see a million of a particular item everywhere you turn, but when you want one of those items they are no where to be found??  I've recently become very disenchanted with my bathrobe.  It's just a plain, frumpy, looong, black velour robe.  Pretty generic and dull and it tangles around my legs.  I like to put my pajamas on pretty early and I feel ridiculous when I'm caught schlepping around in that thing.  So I started a quest for a fun, new bathrobe. Maybe something someone UNDER 60 would wear anyways.  Of course none to found in the United states.  The United States is TOTALLY out of cool bathrobes people!  It finally occurred to me, "Hey!  I can sew!  I can embroider! Why don't I remake my old bathrobe??"  Duh!  I shortened it about two feet and got out my sublime stitching books and embroidered a large design on the back in some bright colors.  Now I feel like old Hef slinking around the house in my smoking jacket.  (You can tell my state of mind lately by the fact the I associate myself more with creaky old Hef than one of the "girls next door")
My son took this picture so we can blame him for the fuzziness

I've knocked two things off my Spring to Finish challenge so far.  I've got my garden pretty well cleaned up and ready for the season.  I still need to buy my annuals and herbs and plant pots but still a little early for all that.  I cleaned up my sewing area and got almost all caught up on the hexagon quilt a long.  Feels so good to have my sewing area organized and it's so pleasant to have it clean!  Really reinvigorates my urges, if you know what I mean! 
I love the blue glowing light on my sewing machine at night.  It beckons me sometimes....

What will you end up to be little triangles?

This hexagon quilt-a-long is such a mystery to me!  I'm just blindly sewing each week when the new blocks get posted but I have absolutely no inkling of how all this is going to come together or how we sew it.  It's pure faith that is keeping me going and I'm going to be surprised by the end result ... and I'm hoping it's a pleasant surprise. 

The only other sewing I've done this weekend is to make a set of coasters for an old friend I've become reacquainted with on Facebook.  These are my favorite little quick gift for people and I love making them!  If anyone is interested I could attempt my first tutorial and show you how they're done.  All you need is five inch squares and an urge for a drink coaster! 
Who couldn't use a drink coaster? 


  1. Ooh yes please on the coasters tutorial - they are gorgeous. What fabric are they? I always feel a bit ashamed when I ask people this question because i know the answer is going to be some super famous fabric that everyon who is anyone in the quilting world knows off by heart!

  2. Hey, Lynne, I'm rubbish at the "name" fabrics, too!! You're not alone!

    Molly, that bathrobeis amazing!!! I can't embroider (well, I can but it's always all wobbly) and that is SO beyond me. It reminds me of a Hells Angels biker jacket - which is a good thing in my book!!

  3. Did my comment go through? I think i exited out too fast...
    Anyway... i said:

    Excellent embroidery! I like the "new" bathrobe. Maybe *somebody* should start an "EmbroideryPorn"...? !

  4. I love your "oldy", but improved bathrobe. The embroidery is a great idea, it really jazzed it right up! I too, am interested in the coaster tutorial. Cute and snappy gift ideas are always in demand.

  5. nice bathrobe!!! Now you've got me thinking about mine! I should totally redo it. thanks for the inspiration!

  6. You are styling in that new bathroom girlfriend! I love it! And those coasters are the best! I love mine!!! I could use a new springy pair if you have extras! :o)

  7. Your work is most beautiful, my dear friend. Happy Quilting!

  8. I am the happy recipient of the coasters, and am very blessed that Molly made them for me! They are right on my computer desk and I think of her every time I set a drink down! Thanks, Molly!


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