Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Festival

I just love Amy's Quilt Festival so much I decided that I'd showcase a quilt I made with The Amy herself!  This zig zag quilt was the second "real" quilt I ever made and I have a special affection for her. 

My first quilt was a hurry up and get going deal because I'd found the first Old Red Barn quilt-a-long already one week in the works.  I rushed to the fabric store and bought hurriedly and came home to start cutting.  I learned a tremendous amount from that first quilt, not only about sewing but also about the comradery and generosity of the virtual quilting community.

This zig zag quilt was the second one our group did and was led by Amy.  This time around I really took time to come up with a vision and carefully picked out the fabrics accordingly.  I'm sure the women at Joanne Fabrics thought I was having some sort of breakdown the way I wheeled the cart of fabric around the store putting some back, picking some up, putting some back, picking more up, etc.  I was still so new I hadn't even discovered on-line fabric stores yet.   Can you imagine!?

Lots of cutting and measuring for a newbie
I don't know if I had realized going in how many tiny half square triangles there would be to cut, sew, cut, trim and sew again if I would have jumped right into it.  This quilt-a-long happened during the humid months of summer and I was ready to call it quits many times.  I persevered and have been extremely proud of my second quilt of all times.  I love the turquoise and brown fabrics and the striped binding. 

What a great present ....
 This is also the first quilt I made on my new sewing machine that my oldest son bought me for my birthday.  He saw how much I enjoyed quilting and so generously wanted to get me a better machine. Lots of firsts associated with this quilt and she will always be one of my very favorites.


  1. oh, its beautiful!!! i love zigzag quilts, and the colors are just great! :D i have always loved that color combo.. and i used to have some of those same fabrics!!

  2. Still need to say I did one of these! Yours turned out wonderfully;)

  3. Wow - that turned out beautifully! I have choice paralysis around fabric, too - you're not alone. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous quilt, Molly!

  4. This is really pretty. You did a great job choosing fabric! It just takes practice, as I am sure you already know.

  5. That was your first quilt? That's wicked good for a first try!!

  6. Fantastic job you did on this. It has energy, is bright and fresh and inviting. I love zig zag quilts too and made one earlier this year. Thanks for sharing your quilt's story :)

  7. Lovely! That zigzag quilt along was my first with that group and Amy made it sound all so easy didn't she. Love the aqua and brown colour combo on yours and I'm sure the ladies at Joann's are used to seeing indecisive women in the fabric aisle.

  8. LOve this, Molly! Zig zag quilts make such a big impact! You chose great fabrics and colors. Love it! Amazing first quilt!

  9. So pretty, love the colors...a zig zag is on my list!

    Happy Festival!

  10. Veramente generoso tuo figlio,
    la coperta zig-zag è una di quelle che un giorno vorrei provare a fare.

  11. so glad you persevered and finished it, its gorgeous!

  12. You must have raised that boy right to think of buying you a sewing machine!

    The quilt is wonderful! Love the fabric choices.

  13. What beautiful fabrics and what a great son to buy you something as personal and useful as a dewing machine! Is he single?! I've got a great sister... ;)

  14. this is really beautiful!
    love zig zag quilts!

    happy festival!


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