Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Cleaning

I love this time of year.  Something about the beginning of September just feels full of possibilities.  I have this incredible urge to finally clean the house, throw out all the piles that have collected around the edges, and start everything fresh.  Doesn't fall cleaning make so much more sense than spring cleaning?  I mean really, you are going to be snuggled in the house for six months ... don't you want it clean and comfortable? 

The combination of the hottest summer in recent history, two vacations, my son collecting items for his college apartment and all of us working full-time led to an almost explosive situation of dust, clutter, dog hair, unexplainable sticky spots and smells. 

Friday night we got Carson all moved into his apartment and I was  up bright and early on Saturday to start my fall cleaning.  I purged, purged, purged!  And  it felt GOOD!  I sorted out piles of old mail and papers, threw out a heap of mending I was never going to get to, chucked a couple unfinished projects I felt guilty about every time I moved them.  My recycle bin was overflowing with magazines and catalogs and my donate pile was delivered to various places immediately. 

Sunday night it felt so good to sit on the couch and plan some new projects while every surface was clear and pledge-wiped.  I'm working on a new quilt and hopefully I'll be able to get some sewing time in now that the nights will be getting longer.

top secret project waiting patiently to be sewn together
Labor Day weekend heralds the beginning of my favorite three months.  Fresh apples, fresh haircuts, sharpened pencils, casseroles in the oven, pumpkins, mums.  What could be better?  Now excuse me while I run the the store for a sparkling fresh notebook and a set of really cool pens.


  1. *takes a deep breath*

    AAAAH, I love me some Fall. Couldn't agree more about feeling inspired in September - to clean, to start new projects, to enjoy all of the bounty of this gorgeous season!

  2. You are so right about Fall cleaning, it's much better than Spring cleaning. Some of my favorite trees are beginnig their change here and I too look forward to pumpkins, cider and baking!

  3. I love a good clean out anytime of the year. It makes me feel so organised and ready for new projects too. Looking forward to seeing what your new project turns into!

  4. I've always found myself cleaning more in the fall... I thought it was just me! You're so right about these next three months being the best of the whole year! (And I'll throw December in, too=))

  5. Sounds great to me, I can smell the pumpkin pie baking on the oven. Its been so hot here too, I've missed baking. Nice post!


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