Thursday, September 30, 2010

In My Hoop

I love to be snuggled on the couch at night watching all the new shows. But I just can't stand being so inert (LOVE that word). Embroidering is such a pleasant way to pass the time idly ... yet be productive. After many nights you have something pretty starting to fall from your hoop. That, and having a ready gift later, is just an added bonus.


  1. Oooo. I love that flower motif. Your stitches look awesome! : ) I've been knitting my way through Project Runway and Glee.

  2. Very pretty! I love embroidered pillow cases!

  3. This is really great---killing two birds with one stone eh?!

  4. Not only is this a lovely embroidery work but a lovely pic too! I sew when I am in the car, waiting for my kids' lessons to be over.

  5. ooohhh!! I love that! It's so pretty ;-) Will you teach me one day? I've never embroidered... Inspiring.


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