Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is the Part I Hate **sigh**

Why must I constantly learn from mistakes? Ideally I would read a tutorial and follow instructions and slowly and carefully put a quilt together according to a meticulously planned out blueprint. But NOOOO…. I jump right in and sew like a maniac, change things at the last minute, and then **sigh** notice I’ve totally blundered. I swear I spend more time taking apart things and redoing them then I do actual productive sewing.

Sashing looks so easy on other people’s quilts. Why didn’t it occur to me that using a print with a straight pattern might be a little tricky? Or that I should at least attempt to line up the sashing between the blocks?

Seam ripper here I come. **sigh**


  1. Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. It will just give the quilt more movement. That is almost as bad as trying to match up plaids!

  2. I wouldn't worry about it either. I think it looks fine in quilts.
    Think about it based on the "grain" of the fabric. Not all prints are printed straight (most aren't anyway)---they work against the grain somewhat. I recently bound a quilt with Anna Griffin Dots Strip and it is printed very crooked. I had to make a choice of cutting the fabric straight or the print straight. I went with straight fabric and like the kind of rotated look it gave the binding. For a shirt...I would go with the print though. Guess it just depends on how you want it too look and what it will be used for. And how much of a perfectionist you are :-D


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